B24: I cleaned my TVS Gold

I cleaned my keyboard yesterday. I didn’t take many pictures in the process while I was doing it, but I have before and after images to share.

Before I tell you how I did it, let me tell you that it is not worth. The keys are sticking more than they did before. It takes more time for the keys to release back to its original state and this reduces the typing speed. I enjoy typing on new laptop keyboards. They are very soft to press and make a dull clicking sound which is satisfying to hear. This old TVS keyboard now makes multiple sounds. Either too sharp, or too dull, or non-existent. Space bar squeaks sometimes.

So, how I cleaned my TVS Gold Keyboard? Well, I took out the keys first, then took some warm water in a plastic tumbler and mixed a tiny amount of cleaning solution (I have a Amway LOC. Very nice for mild application.). One by one I took them out and brushed them with an old tooth-brush. Once done, I took a towel covered the keys neatly into the towel so that the towel would absorb all the water. While I let the keys dry, I went out in the balcony with keyboard in one hand and a toothbrush in another. I held the keyboard upside down and brushed every corner of it. Holding it upside down ensured that the dust would fall right out. It did.

Then, with the help of a cloth and some more solution made from the LOC, I cleaned the easily accessible surface of the keyboard. It took away all the grime and dust away in one swipe. Next, I took Q-tips and tried cleaning around the blue key holders. I believe this is the reason why some of my keys have gone hard now. I think the fibres dislodged from the tips and settled between the keys.

At the end of the exercise, I observed the dried out keys closely and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I never thought I would be able to restore the keys to their original looks. Even if the keys feel crappy, at least I know that I am typing on a clean keyboard.

CA Final Stuff

I was able to devote some time in the morning to studying. I tried to make the most of it. I read enough to learn about Cost of Capital, Cost of Debt Capital and Cost of Equity capital. Although equity capital is still remaining.

To find out the cost of debt capital, you need to find out the rate of risk free bonds for an equal duration to that of your company’s debt. Then add to it with the default premium which increases with your increasing debt.

Two things here. While everything is good in theory. From where do you get the rate of risk free bonds? Answer: You can find 10 year India bond rates here.

Second, how do you find out the default premium? I hope this is answered somewhere ahead in the book.

Finding out cost of equity capital is more difficult and there is no direct formula to that. You just need to compare the returns available from other companies and take that as Cost of Equity. Remember that the rates reflected by Cost of Equity and Cost of Debt (or Weighted Average Cost of Capital jointly) represent the minimum return expected by the shareholders. Pay them this, or else they will go with their money some place else. 


B23:Interview at a local company

Woke up early. Studied for like 30 minutes. Then slept. Woke up late by 30 minutes normal time.

Tip: engage yourself in something interesting on waking up or else you’ll fall asleep again.

Read the first illustration on Value Added Statement. Value added has to be applied in equal somewhere.

Interview went fine. Blog. Not so fine. Not able to write much. But i have been busy. Tomorrow maybe.

B22: Affordable Beds, Costly Mattresses

Woke up early today! I guess that’s sufficient to say how I feel right now. It is still 30 minutes before my normal wake up time and I have been awake for an hour. I am reading the suggested answer of Nov 2015… So, I would say the start of the day has been very productive.

I was just watching the latest episode of Teens React to on YouTube and it was about windows 95. Even I have briefly used that operating system in my childhood and it felt almost like 98 to me. Of course I hardly knew about computers back then. But the reactions from the teenagers were amusing.

Interview done. 30 minutes of writing and that was it. Went in with enormous confidence as I had previously finished an article within that time. Truly, you can realise your potential only when you set yourself on a strict deadline. Before I wrote the first sample on paper without editing anything, I realised that even I can write at faster pace – almost at the speed of my thought (which isn’t a good thing to say as writing speeds are too slow).

As of now, I have three invitations for application and one ongoing interview. So much activity has happened in the past few days.

I’ll catch up some sleep and let you guys know what my study plan is now.

I’ve woken up and had a nice long chat with fiancée. Before I get down to discussing my studies.. Let me tell you that I wrote a strongly worded email to a company that accused me of plagiarism when I applied for a job with them. I got a reply in the morning which was set to a much mellow tone and asked me to revert to them with another sample. They didn’t say they were sorry, but my cousin says that’s how companies are and I should mail a sample to them. Will do that at night.

For now, studying. I was supposed to do 2 chapters today. That task seems unimaginable now. But still, I have good 1 hour or a little more to start.

I will start with chapter 10 from the module and see how far I get with it. I am expecting at least 1 interference in this period. I will turn my mobile on priority mode to drive away at least one interference. Once I am done reading, I will try to give some inputs here. Hope to understand what I have read.

Fortunately I was able to devote time to studying. But I was able to read only a portion of chapter 10, let alone two chapters. I started with value added, how it was introduced in UK in financial reporting. What value added is, the GVA, NVA. And pros cons of reporting GVA and NVA. spoiler: NVA is better though companies prefer GVA. YEAH!

Rest of the day was spent roaming around with Parvez looking for furniture, beds in Antech furniture are really affordable. We also checked sleepwell mattresses – they are so not cheap!

Now it’s 10:24 and I am waiting for my fiancée to come online. Today’s blog is done. Good Night

B21: Opportunities

It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement. – Isocrates

I wish I knew where I am going. For now, the direction seems to be appearing for the interview in Delhi where a company has asked me to inform them if I would be ready to relocate to Delhi. Since I would be visiting in a few days, this opportunity is worth taking.

I just received a mail from a company in Rajkot looking for a content writer, they’ve asked to send a short but interesting write up about a topic they do business in. I’ve still not started studying. Reason being I had to sell my stocks – which is a time sensitive matter.

I will be sending mail to the Delhi based company and do a write up for the Rajkot based company as well, but that will be done sometime in the evening or afternoon. For now, I need to study.

Back to Suggested Answers of Nov 2015.

Hadn’t written all day and would have almost forgotten to write. In less than 45 minutes the blog goes live. I am trying to make this sound as if it was a big deal.

Haven’t read much all day. Something or the other kept me busy. Sold my portfolio today. Good stocks reflected profit on my folio, but I am yet to sell the one that has been making losses.

Tomorrow I have an interview where I would be required to give a written test. The company is based in Ahmedabad but has its branch in Rajkot. But they require a content writer in Ahmedabad.

B20: નિષ્ફળતા

આજે પેહલી નિષ્ફળતા અનુભવી, વહેલું ઉઠવું હતું ને નો ઉઠી શક્યો. આ અનુભવ મારા માટે નવો નથી, પણ તેનો મતલબ એમ પણ નથી કે હું આ વાત થી ટેવાય ગયો છું.

Gujarati above… Couldn’t wake up early as expected. Will I be able to wake myself up tomorrow early? Jaanne ke liye padhte rahiye… Stroll aur Scrawl!

Remember why you started.jpg

Image source: gymposters.com

Furniture work is ongoing and it will continue for the foreseeable future. I’ll be going with mom to check the  carpeting options today evening. Right now, I don’t see any other work that might be pending, so I guess I should start with studying. I’ll begin with reading suggested answers for the subject FR.

Editing documents shouldn’t take much time. But, I found one of my word documents with following properties…

Unreasonable editing.PNG
I have no idea what I was doing all along.

Now, how will I begin? First of all I will download the suggested answers from the institute website. If I can find compilation PDFs, that would be great. I have 10 days to finish the FR course – cursory glance only.

To our parents and grandparents who have been introduced to technology, the world seems incredulous to them. They see each software they use is capable of doing some incredible things and this leads to a false notion that each software will do what suits their fancy.

For me it is very difficult to explain to my Grandfather when he asks why this can’t be done. Estimating what a software is capable of doing is a result of not understanding its mechanism and for them, it is too late to understand it.


Sunday!!! Hardly matters, though. Have to attend engagement ceremony of a friend today.

The friend who visited me yesterday was quite helpful. While I had already prepared most of the things he needed, like number and names of chapters and marks weightage, he suggested how I should proceed with each subject. Few chapters needed to be read first, others later – few needed to be done every day since they were voluminous. Others could be done in a matter of few minutes.

His idea was not to give up reading and commit myself to a goal upto atleast November 2016. On the other hand, I believed I should give up if I could not make any measurable progress at the end 40 days.

I told him and he agreed that I should proceed with a quick 10 day precap. Quickly going through the whole syllabus in a matter of only 10 days and in the latter 30 days I should plan my strategy and proceed from the knowledge gained in the first 10. Sounds good on paper, but the problem would arise when I will have to finish the FR course in the matter 10 days.

As suggested by him, I would start with the small and easy chapters so as to build up confidence and then move up to difficult ones. ICAI suggests that I should tackle the difficult ones before and then proceed to simpler ones, but I guess that strategy is for the first timers who don’t need to build up a broken confidence level.

I just remembered I have a writing assignment to finish as well!! Better start that project. It is 10:30 in the morning right now, would have been 9:30 had I woken up earlier. But better late than never.


Finished the articles BTW. Now it’s afternoon and I have to go for the ceremony and lunch.


Back from the ceremony and now it is evening already. It took time to wrap things up in the ceremony and due to this lunch got delayed. We ate at tea-time. Food was excellent, so can’t complain. Now, what do I have to do?

I have to sign an NDA with a company I am going to work with and I have to transfer photos from my phone; its internal memory is so full that my phone didn’t let me install an app. I’ll start with transferring the files from my phone and sdcard. I guess it is overdue now. It is painful organizing data on the phone. Really! I hate it.

B18: Accepting another challenge.

It is afternoon 15:30 right now and I am composing a cover letter for the post of a copy editor. One of my cool friends suggested me this as he found out on a finance website that he likes was looking for copy editors. But writing a cover letter still takes time. Although, I have been blogging for about 18 days in a row, fear creeps in when I start out to write for someone’s review.

I better get back to writing that cover letter now, I have other things to do as well. But before I leave, I still haven’t committed to a challenge. But, I should. I accept another 15 days of challenge to reach B30, little by little by posting each day. Since this is already B18, I have 12 days more of continuous writing ahead of me. Tackling challenges as they come would be pivotal to the success of this blog’s continuity, but so far I am happy that I have been able to write for 18 days. Now, get back to writing that cover letter.


Ladies and Gentlemen, after wasting quite a lot of energy and time on this, I present to you, the total number of pages in CA Final Module and Practice Manuals cross referenced with weightage of marks that subject carried in previous examinations. Hope you guys find it useful.

You can open this in full screen here.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee accuracy of the data in the above document, but I can assure you that it is not crazily misleading. Make the most of this.


B17: Counting Enemy Soldiers

Carpenter’s already gone for an hour. He worked 1:30 hours less today, before lunch. He explained his reason for leaving as fulfilling his social responsibility. Well, as long as my work is getting done properly, it isn’t a problem for me. But since I feel he is working slow, I will no longer be bound to him while he works. I’ll have to let him work alone as carry out my own errands.

Speaking of errands, I’ve wasted my time today. Now, I’ll complete watching one of the videos in my watchlist and then get back to preparing the schedule. My CA friend who offered help will either come tomorrow or Sunday – not today.

I am worried about sticking to schedule because my past records show contrary data. One of the points of failure is my irregular sleeping habits. If I can strictly manage these timings I’ll be able to focus on others. Things that stand in my way to get this are Courtship Ritual and a tendency to sleep in late. The last one is a deal breaker.

A schedule where I can go to bed early and wake up early after 6 hours sleep is ideal. Sleeping early should make me feel rested. I can take another 1 hour of sleep in the afternoon when everything is so quiet that I cannot focus on working. To sleep early, I’ll have to discuss with fiancee if our courtship ritual can be transferred in to afternoon.


I am brainstorming right now (yeah it is just a brain wind for you guys, but come on) and I have calculated that I have 41 days to devote to each subject and I have to go through at least two rounds of revision in these 41 days. Considering the volume of study material available, it is difficult. Why I believe that? Because my reading speeds are slow. But, how do I know if my reading speeds are actually low? For that, I am gonna calculate the number of pages each subject has. This one is going to be a biggy, but this is how I want to know my enemy. I am not going to let anything to chance this time. If I think I can tackle the enemy, I will fight it. So, counting the number of pages begins.

Total Pages
Number of Pages in Financial Reporting Subject of CA Final

This is how the final picture looks like. Quite scary if you look closely. An unexpected result of this exercise was matching page numbers with marks weightage.

I’ve already reached the end of calculating pages for Paper 3. But, I have been treating each subject as if it were theory. That means, that the number pages to be read have no relevance for extremely practical subjects SFM. I need that friend to lend me some insights on each subject.


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the
axe.” ―Abraham Lincoln

This is all what this is all about – sharpening my axe. Will I then chop down the tree ? That is another question. But that is what is on my mind right now. Back to sharpening the axe now.

B16: Dilemma

In Dilemma of whether I should continue writing this email blog or not. It certainly feels like a bondage, but it also feels like a great relief at the same time. To be able to pen down thoughts and then working on it.

This is not a timed post, so it will publish when and if I want to publish it. Till then I’ll keep thinking about it. Made up my mind – I’m gonna publish this one – at least. It is now a scheduled post.


Interesting developments today. Received a call from Mumbai – from the SAP trainers asking me to send in my resume. I actually wanted to get training over there, but they are looking for a candidate for a job. Well, I have sent them my resume and if I am not caught up in any work, I’ll call them in the morning – which I should in all means. No work can be so important, come on!

What is another interesting development today? Well, I got a message on linkedin asking for a content writer in Rajkot. I called him immediately and went to meet him. I wouldn’t say it was a fruitful meeting for me, but it seemed that it was a fruitful meeting for him. He was able to get a lot of info from me.

The reason it wasn’t fruitful was that he was looking for cheap job. 50 paise per word. I mean, that is what you pay people on odesk. Even odesk people pay more. His initial stance was that he was looking for quality content, but on further conversation it was clear that he was looking for cheap jobs – and he admitted that, so not my opinion!

However, he has asked me to send in some sample, which I am gonna do now and then I’ll get back to reading about how to crack CA Exams which now seems to me like a part-time job.

B15: Last day of the challenge – I won!

This is the fifteenth and the last post to the 15 day blog marathon. Now no matter what happens (to me) after I complete this sentence, this scheduled post will be posted at 11:59 PM tonight.

Okay, so that is scheduled now. At 9:15 in the morning, I can say that I have completed my challenge.


I need to do a few things today, which include sending my resume to a cousin, exchanging hinges and calling back mask consultancy and Tripti.

Then I have to get back to preparing my schedule which I difficult task for reasons I’ll mention when I sit down to prepare the schedule.

Suckin’ at something is the first step to being good at something.
-Some famous guy probably

I suck at making and following schedule, let’s see how I can change this.


Sitting in bank and waiting for my turn. My home branch of sbi modernised some time ago to adopt the token system used by other private banks since years. Usually, this bank has lines that take more than 30 minutes for your turn. Token system is beneficial not only to elderly, but even the young – like me who can use their mobiles to blog. lame joke

I am out on an errand to replace hinges and probably buy handles. I am trying not to hurry things, so chilling out on the bank’s comfy chair.

Earlier in the morning, I tried indexing my blog on Google, but it didn’t work as I need to own the domain. Free services don’t include such things. Now, it is completely up to Google when they will index my blog.

If I share on social media like Google plus, I could speed up the process, but I don’t want to take the hassle of creating another account.


It’s so HOT out there 😱😱

Two weeks ago it was cold and now it is burning! Feels like 2016 is already set to defeat 2015 in temperature records.

Carpenter’s doing his job and I should get back to mine. But before that, a little snippet of information – the share market is on bullish trend for the past two days. Although, this doesn’t bring my portfolio in the green, it is certainly a welcome change after the budget.

Now I need to get back to my scheduling.

While I work with the schedule this will be playing in the background and on a loop.

Like it? It is from one of Casey Neistat’s vlog and now happens to be my ear worm.


As this day ends… I am tired. Tired because I had to talk to someone and was told to decide on something. I hate to choose it, but it seems that I might have to. Time will tell, but this time it has to tell quick. In the mean time, I’ll be spending my half day in Junagadh tomorrow.