I admit,  I give in to the whims that are childish.  Just like this one.  I wanted to buy a new bluetooth keyboard, but against a better judgement I chose to try out my brother’s for a few days and give one of the lightning deals a miss that had inspired the idea of this purchase in the first place. 

Owning a physical keyboard solves some of the things.  Like,  it makes it easier to type. And…  Nothing much after that. 

As a content writer,  this makes for a great travel companion.  It reduces the weight and risk of carrying a laptop and you can easily type in on this as if you were actually working on an actual computer. 

However,  I wouldn’t get the same functionalities as the MS Word in windows.  Like the word count which I use so often. 

But,  I presume there are other places where I can take the content to do a simple word count.  At the end of the day, I think it is nice to not have to toggle on and off the soft keyboard and instead use this physical keyboard. But whether it is worth the expense I made,  is totally a different aspect. 

It is difficult to justify the cost –  true.  Why would you want a physical keyboard when you were typing for so long on the software keyboard? 

Well,  for starting,  it was always very annoying to hunt and peck.  SwiftKey solved a lot of problems,  but still I was never as accurate as others at finding and hitting the right buttons on the screen. 

Secondly,  it is frustrating to see the keyboard struggle on a slow phone. 

Thirdly,  it has eliminated the input lag.  I can now type as fast as my fingers could move. 

I think it’s not bad at all to have a physical keyboard. The only constraint is cost. 
Now,  I am done typing for today –  Good Night. 


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