Now that I have finished even my 30 day blog challenge, I believe I should end writing. I am not sure though. Real progress can only be gained if I commit myself to blogging everyday for at least 1 year. But, I have ran out of content or ran out of enthusiasm.

Before I come to any conclusion. I received call from the company in Rajkot that had rejected me. They directly offered to send me an offer letter and if I was okay with the terms of their company, I was supposed to give them a hard signed copy. Although, it seems they have forgotten to send met the mail as I haven’t received it. I just asked them to send it to me before they go on their weekly holiday.

Other than that, I finished editing photos from our product photoshoot. I am happy… Not with the results but with the fact that I can successfully edit the photographs. Next step would be filling up the bulk sheet of snapdeal. I would take that step after a moment’s pause. Meanwhile, I hope to study something. Days are passing and I haven’t made any real progress. Actually, it has been one whole week without studying anything. I stopped on a Sunday and today it is a Saturday.

It is afternoon and carpenter has left for the day. He has to attend a function at Rangoli. So I have today evening to myself. I wanted to pull a marathon, but I won’t be able to do it. I will list these products as soon as I can and then devote time to studying. Before, I list them.. I also need to get updated stock from my dad. So I need to send him names of the products that are ready to be listed pending stock details.

Okay, so let me do that first as I will have to wait till I get stock input from my dad.

I just received their mail saying that they wish to discuss it further with their MD. Now, what the heck is that all about? They try to send me an offer letter and now they wish to discuss it with their MD. Unprofessional, really!

Full blown siesta! Waking up and resuming work at 16:20. If I get a job, this thing has to go. Now, after I send screenshots of stock to my dad and one staff member, I would be able to resume studies. I see no other work.

I did study… for a little over an hour. Made notes too. Yay! Shouldn’t be satisfied so easily, nor should I leave studying this quickly. But something caught my attention. Something always does when I decide to divert my attention from my studies. This time I did a fatal choice of browsing FB and found something on FGM.

FGM seems to have caught a lot of attention in the past couple of years – and a lot more in the recent months. There were articles in the news paper and interviews on the news channel. FGM short for Female Genital Mutilation are carried out on in India on girls who are 7 years of age. This practice is carried out in secrecy in the Dawoodi Bohra community mainly. Arguments against why this practice is evil are plenty and believable with the exception of few where trauma to this practice has been generalized, which is not the case in reality.

Now, the thing that caught my attention was about a case in Australia where the Aamil, a Midwife and the mother of the victims were sentenced to 15 months of maximum prison for performing Khatna on 2 girls in 2009 and 2012. This was the first such trial in Australia and probably the first trial against a bohra as far as I know.

Sadly, the fact that a country’s court has punished the practitioners is not likely to stop khatna here in India. The practice of Khatna, though called religious, has no religious backgrounds. It is an adopted practice widely performed in Africa. It is believed to be adopted to suppress a woman’s desire to engage in sexual activities with an intent to save a woman from committing adultery. In other words, stop any woman from seeking sex outside marriage. As benevolent as the intention maybe, this practice is deceptive, traumatising and its effects are permanent and non-reversible. If this practice can be stopped, by all means it should be stopped.

I am interested to find out whether this verdict will have any impact on the judiciary in India? Even if it did, who would sue who in a tightly knit community? And after reading the news on how sensitively this matter was handled by the Judge and Lawyers alike, I wonder if our own judiciary is capable of being sensitive to the young girls had such case been filed in India?

Read this article to know more about this case. I wish I could easily find out who filed this case against whom.


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