Yesterday I got a call from a company asking me to come down for an interview. I took a day to think about before agreeing and now I am on my way to Ahmedabad for that interview.

Excited? Not much. Worried, actually. What if I like the company and I wanted to take the job? I’ll have to leave everything here in Rajkot and settle over there.

One of the problems was solved yesterday. It was about choosing the colour of the laminate. We even received the laminate sheets at night.

Next upcoming problems are deciding whether a bed can be built without the 1 inch tooth where the mattress fits. Idea is to make it look flat on the surface.

I better conserve my battery 🔋 today. I might not make it through the day if I don’t.

F***. They were looking for better experience. And I didn’t have it? Seriously!! Well, maybe. Looks like I need to brush my skills up. I feel bad now. Didn’t even qualify for the second round of interview. So am I seeing a gap between the experience I have and the salary I am asking for? Am I asking for too much?

One of the only active candidature I have now is that Rajkot company. I think I would take that job, if they want me and if they can pay me.

Will I ever get a job or not?


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