Woke up late again. Not news. Woke up at 7:30 though. Alarm was set to go off an hour before. Never mind.

What’s important is that I have to get a solution for designing the furniture of my room. I am confused. I have to spend less and I have to get the best out of what I spend. So how will I do it?

First step was finding laminate colour for the wardrobe doors. That is almost done.

Bed 🛌 was supposed to be a lavish one with back panelling. But that I have cancelled because I want a bed that should be able to move here and there inside the room. My previous idea of mattress only bed was rejected as it was expected to not look good. So in the present, it is about building a bed that has a six inch frame and a six inch mattress. That would make it 1 feet tall compared to traditional 1.5 feet. No back panelling. This way, the bed can be moved out of the room whenever need arises.

What’s the problem now then? Well, the problem is to find out will this work as a bedroom? I think I’ll search on Google to find out about bedroom essentials. And see if I can find anything of worth. A common problem while making a Google search is that the content is set towards Western cultures. Those kinds of furniture and design ideas are not very Indian. If during my search something comes up, I’ll make it Indian styled.


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