Clocked in 4:30 hours yesterday and I must admit they were productive hours. Although I did feel that I was dragging a little bit during the night, but I was able to make it through. I didn’t set myself any difficult target, so it was breeze. Plus, I was following a schedule, so it is easier to follow a set schedule too.

What next? After I complete my 10th Chapter, I should focus on how quickly I would be able to finish the remaining chapters from the average hours it took to complete these pages. A deviation should be expected since the data is small, but it should give me an overall idea of how my speed is aligned to my 41 days goal.

While I believe I am able to remember the facts, last night I had hard time recalling even the hours that I spent reading. Fiancée had to help me out to jog my memory. Mental acuity is observed as declined, but how much of this is temporary and how much is permanent, is yet unknown.

It is 12:12 PM right now and I have been surfing the internet for a while now. I should’ve gotten to my books as soon as possible, but I strayed yet again. Old habits are returning. But this time, I have spent time consciously, or so I believe. I am happy that I even spent time blogging all these, but they aren’t an excuse for wasting so much time. Since I am tired now, I’ll go down and eat something sweet to get my brain glucose levels to optimum levels. Besides glucose, I need to rehydrate too. 😀 12:16 PM

Day was a waste. Study wise. Nothing much to say here. I’ll just bounce.


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