B32: Lagta hai 30 blogs complete kar hi doon…

Well, I am only one short from completing 30 blogs on wordpress. So why not write one more? Moreover, it is fun to write now. So here below will be the 30th blog written on wordpress… 32nd in total.


B31: A milestone sentence against FGM practice.

Now that I have finished even my 30 day blog challenge, I believe I should end writing. I am not sure though. Real progress can only be gained if I commit myself to blogging everyday for at least 1 year. But, I have ran out of content or ran out of enthusiasm.

Before I come to any conclusion. I received call from the company in Rajkot that had rejected me. They directly offered to send me an offer letter and if I was okay with the terms of their company, I was supposed to give them a hard signed copy. Although, it seems they have forgotten to send met the mail as I haven’t received it. I just asked them to send it to me before they go on their weekly holiday.

Other than that, I finished editing photos from our product photoshoot. I am happy… Not with the results but with the fact that I can successfully edit the photographs. Next step would be filling up the bulk sheet of snapdeal. I would take that step after a moment’s pause. Meanwhile, I hope to study something. Days are passing and I haven’t made any real progress. Actually, it has been one whole week without studying anything. I stopped on a Sunday and today it is a Saturday.

It is afternoon and carpenter has left for the day. He has to attend a function at Rangoli. So I have today evening to myself. I wanted to pull a marathon, but I won’t be able to do it. I will list these products as soon as I can and then devote time to studying. Before, I list them.. I also need to get updated stock from my dad. So I need to send him names of the products that are ready to be listed pending stock details.

Okay, so let me do that first as I will have to wait till I get stock input from my dad.

I just received their mail saying that they wish to discuss it further with their MD. Now, what the heck is that all about? They try to send me an offer letter and now they wish to discuss it with their MD. Unprofessional, really!

Full blown siesta! Waking up and resuming work at 16:20. If I get a job, this thing has to go. Now, after I send screenshots of stock to my dad and one staff member, I would be able to resume studies. I see no other work.

I did study… for a little over an hour. Made notes too. Yay! Shouldn’t be satisfied so easily, nor should I leave studying this quickly. But something caught my attention. Something always does when I decide to divert my attention from my studies. This time I did a fatal choice of browsing FB and found something on FGM.

FGM seems to have caught a lot of attention in the past couple of years – and a lot more in the recent months. There were articles in the news paper and interviews on the news channel. FGM short for Female Genital Mutilation are carried out on in India on girls who are 7 years of age. This practice is carried out in secrecy in the Dawoodi Bohra community mainly. Arguments against why this practice is evil are plenty and believable with the exception of few where trauma to this practice has been generalized, which is not the case in reality.

Now, the thing that caught my attention was about a case in Australia where the Aamil, a Midwife and the mother of the victims were sentenced to 15 months of maximum prison for performing Khatna on 2 girls in 2009 and 2012. This was the first such trial in Australia and probably the first trial against a bohra as far as I know.

Sadly, the fact that a country’s court has punished the practitioners is not likely to stop khatna here in India. The practice of Khatna, though called religious, has no religious backgrounds. It is an adopted practice widely performed in Africa. It is believed to be adopted to suppress a woman’s desire to engage in sexual activities with an intent to save a woman from committing adultery. In other words, stop any woman from seeking sex outside marriage. As benevolent as the intention maybe, this practice is deceptive, traumatising and its effects are permanent and non-reversible. If this practice can be stopped, by all means it should be stopped.

I am interested to find out whether this verdict will have any impact on the judiciary in India? Even if it did, who would sue who in a tightly knit community? And after reading the news on how sensitively this matter was handled by the Judge and Lawyers alike, I wonder if our own judiciary is capable of being sensitive to the young girls had such case been filed in India?

Read this article to know more about this case. I wish I could easily find out who filed this case against whom.


Last blog of another challenge. With this blog I successfully complete 30 days of continuous blogging. Although content on most days was sparse, I still made it till the end.

Today is going to be super productive day. I am going to get the wood cut and edit images as per my need in gimp.

Cutting images is tiresome. Repetitive, monotonous and boring. I wonder how those guys manage to do this job whole day. Those guys meaning the professionals – I visited them once.

Bathroom accessories are costly. Damn they are. What is costlier is the price for colouring the house. And now I am ranting…

Stop and get back to work.


I am a day away from winning this challenge. No matter how half heartedly I might have written the last few blogs, I would be there tomorrow. Just one more day.

I successfully learned how to crop images with a white background it gimp. And that too in around 15 minutes. That was the quickest learning in years. But I have to admit it is slower than before. Never mind, it is still a victory. ✌

I am kind of happy. Next thing… Edit all the images that weren’t right.

B28: Rejected, ek baar aur.

Starting to write this one at 9 in the night. Could’ve missed it as well today.

Update: I received the response from the company in Rajkot and they aren’t interested in hiring me. Another blow to me. Two rejection in 24 hours period. Unhappy.

Yuck my life.

Next step? Nothing on the job front. I need get my shop online on snapdeal before doing anything else.

I have ordered new polybags from snapdeal and by the time they reach me, all my products would be online.

Snapdeal asks you to create logos for brands that are not on snapdeal. Which I find funny. It doesn’t have to be its original logo, but any art with the company’s name on it. You can make that logo even in point brush.

As I will be uploading using the bulk sheet, I am not sure how they will proceed with approving my brand names.

Will find out.

B27: Rejected

Yesterday I got a call from a company asking me to come down for an interview. I took a day to think about before agreeing and now I am on my way to Ahmedabad for that interview.

Excited? Not much. Worried, actually. What if I like the company and I wanted to take the job? I’ll have to leave everything here in Rajkot and settle over there.

One of the problems was solved yesterday. It was about choosing the colour of the laminate. We even received the laminate sheets at night.

Next upcoming problems are deciding whether a bed can be built without the 1 inch tooth where the mattress fits. Idea is to make it look flat on the surface.

I better conserve my battery 🔋 today. I might not make it through the day if I don’t.

F***. They were looking for better experience. And I didn’t have it? Seriously!! Well, maybe. Looks like I need to brush my skills up. I feel bad now. Didn’t even qualify for the second round of interview. So am I seeing a gap between the experience I have and the salary I am asking for? Am I asking for too much?

One of the only active candidature I have now is that Rajkot company. I think I would take that job, if they want me and if they can pay me.

Will I ever get a job or not?

B26: Late Riser Returns

Woke up late again. Not news. Woke up at 7:30 though. Alarm was set to go off an hour before. Never mind.

What’s important is that I have to get a solution for designing the furniture of my room. I am confused. I have to spend less and I have to get the best out of what I spend. So how will I do it?

First step was finding laminate colour for the wardrobe doors. That is almost done.

Bed 🛌 was supposed to be a lavish one with back panelling. But that I have cancelled because I want a bed that should be able to move here and there inside the room. My previous idea of mattress only bed was rejected as it was expected to not look good. So in the present, it is about building a bed that has a six inch frame and a six inch mattress. That would make it 1 feet tall compared to traditional 1.5 feet. No back panelling. This way, the bed can be moved out of the room whenever need arises.

What’s the problem now then? Well, the problem is to find out will this work as a bedroom? I think I’ll search on Google to find out about bedroom essentials. And see if I can find anything of worth. A common problem while making a Google search is that the content is set towards Western cultures. Those kinds of furniture and design ideas are not very Indian. If during my search something comes up, I’ll make it Indian styled.

B26: Late Riser

My friend had advised me to wake up early on a Sunday so that I could see how I feel through out the day. I didn’t though. I forgot to set the alarm… as convenient as that.

I hope to spend my today revising what I studied during the past week, which is nothing more than the VA chapter. At 10:53, there is not much to studying, except I am all set to begin it.

Blogging and Updating my study sheet (maintained in excel) are part of my studying I feel. The time spent doing them are not clocked in in my sheet and that is perfectly logical since there is no Value Addition to my knowledge.

I had a doubt a few days back. In the module, there is a sentence which says ‘if we presume NOPAT is equal to Accounting Profit then, to maintain shareholder”s vlaue as positive or zero, Return on Capital employed (ROCE) has to be less than or equal to WACC.’ I believe this statement is wrong, however, one of my friend who is a CA believes it to be correct. He has sent me a little explanation on WhatsApp, which I do not seem to understand fully. I am going to delve deep into it and see if I can make sense of this.

As it turns out, I was right. The above sentence from the module is wrong after all. They have tried explaining the concept easily, but it is more repetition than substance. I found this great explanation from efinancemanagement.com. You may begin reading from Interpretation of Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

“…if ROCE is greater than WACC, the company is creating value and the shareholders will remain invested in the company till this situation continues. If ROCE is less than WACC, it is destroying shareholder’s value.”

My friend still disagrees with me and as I write, he is trying to show me an example of how it is done. It is 12:30 and I haven’t begin studying. But finding truth was worth the exercise.


B25: Worked hard for success… yesterday.

Clocked in 4:30 hours yesterday and I must admit they were productive hours. Although I did feel that I was dragging a little bit during the night, but I was able to make it through. I didn’t set myself any difficult target, so it was breeze. Plus, I was following a schedule, so it is easier to follow a set schedule too.

What next? After I complete my 10th Chapter, I should focus on how quickly I would be able to finish the remaining chapters from the average hours it took to complete these pages. A deviation should be expected since the data is small, but it should give me an overall idea of how my speed is aligned to my 41 days goal.

While I believe I am able to remember the facts, last night I had hard time recalling even the hours that I spent reading. Fiancée had to help me out to jog my memory. Mental acuity is observed as declined, but how much of this is temporary and how much is permanent, is yet unknown.

It is 12:12 PM right now and I have been surfing the internet for a while now. I should’ve gotten to my books as soon as possible, but I strayed yet again. Old habits are returning. But this time, I have spent time consciously, or so I believe. I am happy that I even spent time blogging all these, but they aren’t an excuse for wasting so much time. Since I am tired now, I’ll go down and eat something sweet to get my brain glucose levels to optimum levels. Besides glucose, I need to rehydrate too. 😀 12:16 PM

Day was a waste. Study wise. Nothing much to say here. I’ll just bounce.

B24: I cleaned my TVS Gold

I cleaned my keyboard yesterday. I didn’t take many pictures in the process while I was doing it, but I have before and after images to share.

Before I tell you how I did it, let me tell you that it is not worth. The keys are sticking more than they did before. It takes more time for the keys to release back to its original state and this reduces the typing speed. I enjoy typing on new laptop keyboards. They are very soft to press and make a dull clicking sound which is satisfying to hear. This old TVS keyboard now makes multiple sounds. Either too sharp, or too dull, or non-existent. Space bar squeaks sometimes.

So, how I cleaned my TVS Gold Keyboard? Well, I took out the keys first, then took some warm water in a plastic tumbler and mixed a tiny amount of cleaning solution (I have a Amway LOC. Very nice for mild application.). One by one I took them out and brushed them with an old tooth-brush. Once done, I took a towel covered the keys neatly into the towel so that the towel would absorb all the water. While I let the keys dry, I went out in the balcony with keyboard in one hand and a toothbrush in another. I held the keyboard upside down and brushed every corner of it. Holding it upside down ensured that the dust would fall right out. It did.

Then, with the help of a cloth and some more solution made from the LOC, I cleaned the easily accessible surface of the keyboard. It took away all the grime and dust away in one swipe. Next, I took Q-tips and tried cleaning around the blue key holders. I believe this is the reason why some of my keys have gone hard now. I think the fibres dislodged from the tips and settled between the keys.

At the end of the exercise, I observed the dried out keys closely and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I never thought I would be able to restore the keys to their original looks. Even if the keys feel crappy, at least I know that I am typing on a clean keyboard.

CA Final Stuff

I was able to devote some time in the morning to studying. I tried to make the most of it. I read enough to learn about Cost of Capital, Cost of Debt Capital and Cost of Equity capital. Although equity capital is still remaining.

To find out the cost of debt capital, you need to find out the rate of risk free bonds for an equal duration to that of your company’s debt. Then add to it with the default premium which increases with your increasing debt.

Two things here. While everything is good in theory. From where do you get the rate of risk free bonds? Answer: You can find 10 year India bond rates here.

Second, how do you find out the default premium? I hope this is answered somewhere ahead in the book.

Finding out cost of equity capital is more difficult and there is no direct formula to that. You just need to compare the returns available from other companies and take that as Cost of Equity. Remember that the rates reflected by Cost of Equity and Cost of Debt (or Weighted Average Cost of Capital jointly) represent the minimum return expected by the shareholders. Pay them this, or else they will go with their money some place else.