B13: Selfie with Sun

Carpenter is here, work has started. Slow he is. Let’s see how that works for a slow guy like me.

Carpenter's Tools
Carpenter’s Tools

Today budget was for 2016-17 was announced. Don’t know if anything was noteworthy, yet.

But there’s one noteworthy news today! And that is Leonardo Dicaprio has won his first actor as the best actor for The Revenant. His Oscar comes after 6 nominations.


While the carpenter was doing his job, I stole some time to continue reading the book. There’s an interesting quote

Remember, out of sight, out of mind.

The quote is aimed to explain the importance of revision within short duration. Meaning, revising at short intervals – ideally, first revision within 24 hours and second within one 1 week.

I am reading about preparation guidelines for each individual subjects now, but it seems that I’ll have to come back at a later point of time when I actually take up these subjects.

Notable point mentioned in Financial reporting paper was the suggestion of implementing a three round study approach.

Reading other points feels boring. But I’ll read it again with a better frame of mind.

In the evening, roughly 30 before sunset ūüĆá the sun ‚ėÄ peeks through my window spreading a warm light over my room. It moves through a portion of the room, but at the time when it passes over my computer, it is particularly warm. I have captured an image, but the camera couldn’t capture its colours accurately.

Sunlit Keyboard
Warm Sunlit Computer

And here is a selfie with the Sun ‚ėÄ.

Selfie with Sun
Selfie with Sun

B12: On How to Face CA Exams

28th February 12:04 AM. When this blog publishes after almost 24 hours later, I would have completed – successfully, 12 days of blogging. I am surprised that I even got this far. With fianc√©e being around, I wasn’t expecting that I would continue this streak. But I have managed to do it so far.

Sadly, it hasn’t been a great experience to write so far. I can point out a few reasons for that.

1. I find my content uninteresting: whatever I post, I don’t find it interesting. Why they are uninteresting is a topic best left for a different time.

2. Inability to express thoughts into words. This is a serious problem. Being unable to express using the right words is increasingly becoming frequent. Presque vu it is called I think. The tip of the tongue phenomena.

3. I am boring. Which should mean that I am unable to find interesting out of anything.

Okay, it is getting late. Tomorrow is a Sunday but carpenter will be coming and start his work from tomorrow.

On my side, I’ll try to call a friend who will help me plan a schedule for studying.

Update: I have sent him a WhatsApp, now waiting for his reply… (Latest update: He¬†has walked 43 Kms to and from a temple¬†and will not be able to make it.)

Update2: Carpenter will begin work from tomorrow.

Since, I have no other work at hand now, I’ll start reading ‘How to face CA Exams’ on my Kindle. BTW it got updated – noticed it yesterday. Here’s how the homepage looks now.

Updated Kindle.jpg
Updated Kindle Homepage

Okay, so on to reading now – CONCENTRATE.¬†Know your enemy…

Opening line of Chapter 2 of the book says

“Education, if simply stated, means the process of gaining knowledge, inculcating forms of proper conduct and acquiring technical competency.”

simply stated….(yeah, right.)

The same paragraph ends with a more rounded and accurate statement:

“The true purpose of education is to bring about profoundness to one’s emotions, to broaden one’s perspectives and to lead to healthier approach of looking at life.”

The book lists out the Academic Resources available to the students by the institute. This is an important list as the students get to know about the resources¬†ICAI endorses to educate¬†its students. In short, this is a What should a CA student read?¬†guide.¬†I’ll list out the ICAI resources in case a CA student finds this post.¬†The below content is relevant at the time of writing on 28th Feb 2016 and should remain for a couple of years in the future at least.

  1. Study Material: Also known as Modules amongst the students, this is dubbed as the holy bible for the CA students. Even the ICAI has emphasised importance of this resource time and again to students who lay too much emphasis on other reference material without first referring to these. Professional Pronouncements found in these modules are also critical to success in CA Exams.
  2. Practice Manual:¬†Quoting the book¬†“With a view to making Practice Manual a single source of reference, important definitions and formulae have been given at the beginning of each chapter.”
  3. Suggested Answers: Quoting the book again¬†“They provide credible glimpses of not only the desirable ways in which examination questions are to be attempted but also of the professional quality and standard of the answers expected of students in the CA examination.”¬†Institute advises students to have a collection of 10 to 12 previous examinations – that’s 6 years¬†of examinations.
  4. Revision Test Papers: Contain number of questions with Solutions/Answers/Hints. These become available well-before the exams and serve as revision material for the students Рwell, students who can actually complete their course well-before exams.
  5. Online e-Learning on Students Learning Management System (LMS): As the name suggests, this is an e-learning facility. Additionally, it also keeps track of your progress as you take the course. I have used this for Corporate and Allied Laws (Final) which helped me secure an exemption in that subject. It is available on the link http://studentslms.icai.org. The link now redirects to http://cloudcampus.icai.org/.
  6. e-Learning DVDs: Contains:
    1. e-Lectures
    2. Podcasts (MP3)
    3. Study Material
    4. Practice Manual
    5. PDF of PowerPoint Presentations and
    6. Self-Assement Quiz
      These are good resources for students who travel.
  7. Webcast: Relevant to tackle upcoming exams, these are videos from the ICAI faculty members.
  8. Cloud Campus: A single place which will integrate all student related materials in the future. Main benefit is that it is and will be available free of cost. Link as given above.
  9. CA Students Journal – The Chartered Accountant Student: Includes Articles, Case studies, reports, academic updates, announcements, etc. It is a monthly publication.
  10. Supplementary Study Material: Available on the site.
  11. Students’¬†Counselling:¬†The Institute is dedicated to providing¬†the best help when it comes to acquiring knowledge, and this is a fine example. Students who wish to get their doubts clarified¬†or have¬†suggestions regarding improvement of the existing material can reach out to BoS Noida by writing a letter to the director.
    Physical copies can be mailed to Director, Board of Studies, A-29, Sector-62, NOIDA – 201 309 (UP).
    Digital letters to: bosnoida@icai.in

Each of the above mentioned material are¬†available online for free download from BoS knowledge portal. The institute recommends¬†you make it a daily agenda to¬†surf through the Institute’s website to stay updated.

The ICAI recommends studying 1 or 2 reference books for practical subjects for better understanding and confidence building.

I’ll keep today’s post restricted to only academic resources. There¬†is more to¬†this book which I’ll update ¬†through other posts.

It is obvious that writing and reading took a lot of time to finish even this single topic. But, even if a single students finds this post helpful, my effort will not be misplaced.

I’ve finished the general recommendations. From now on, the book is divided in two parts: 1 for IPCC and 2 for Final. But before I begin with the part that concerns me, that is Final, I’ll throw some light on what I found was important from the book so far.

  1. Institute says you’ll have to study everything. No shortcuts. It takes upto 4 readings to grasp a concept in depth. First should only be a novel like reading, deeper understanding on further rereadings. Shortcuts and selective study will not guarantee success. So how much studying is considered wholesome studying? That’s the second point.
  2. On study resources.
    1. Study the study material four times.
    2. Then practice from practice manuals.
    3. Stay updated by reading students journal and updates on icai website.
    4. Supplementary study material to stay updated with latest case judgements. Read full text of cases to gain logical insights – 15 to 20 cases at least.
    5. Read original text of income tax act and companies act.
    6. Understand the format of writing exams from compilations (aka suggested answers) of past 6 years.
    7. Practice further from revisionary test papers (RTP) and then go on to attempt mock tests.
    8. And if this is not enough, refer to at least one text book in each subjects because all this reading too is not enough.
  3. Avoid day dreaming and concentrate on reading. Take regular breaks from your strictly followed study schedule. Spend some time in recreation too because mind needs to stay fresh.
  4. Maintain a study group. I strongly believe in this philosophy. You get to learn a lot from such a study group, plus it can act as a stress reliever.
  5. Stay away from distractions of Internet, mobile and TV. Ask your friends to not call you while you’re studying.
  6. The course and examination are designed in such a way that even an average student with proper study habits can crack the exams. So, never believe that you cannot crack it.
  7. Keep your mind healthy by keeping your body fit. Eat healthy and exercise. Meditate too to keep your head calm.

I think this is a good general extract of my reading today. On the lines of study group, I tried creating one (in fact it is still available) group online. It is on Facebook, but there hasn’t been much activity on it lately. I wish I could give it a reboot someday.

B11: Keep Calm and Find a way out

Yesterday’s post was published without images. Unlikely anyone would notice as no one is still reading this. I’ll update images at a later point of time, but I carrying forward blogs is bad. Makes managing time more difficult. But since I was busy and had no other option, I won’t regret it.

Broken Mobile
One previous staff member visited to give his broken mobile for repairing to one of our current staff members. I noticed its screen and what one would find on every broken screen: cracks moving outwards from the point of impact in a beautiful pattern. Phone screens don’t cracked like normal glass in unequal pieces, but rather it sticks together but the pressure of impact moving outwards through the cracks like rays from the sun. ‚ėÄ

Also, this is my first ever gif I created. Not a big deal, just uploaded the video and converted it on a website. Its size is over 1 mb, so a future visitor with slow Internet should face a problem.

Fiancée left today for her home. Emptiness ensues.

On doubt


My mind is set on a cyclical chain of repetitive thinking on the matter of yet another unknown caller.

This time it is hurting more. It is better to root out the doubt before it cements its place deeper into my brain.

Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (in Sherlock Holmes)

Doubt is paralysing; it is so strong that you cannot act under its pressure. Your mind is constantly on it and yet you are getting not getting a fruitful conclusion out of it.

B10: My stationery

Buying stationery items is exciting and like me, I am sure many people feel the same. Tools ‚öô help us achieve things quickly and sometimes without them, it is impossible to do a task. Stationery ‚úí too are tools and they are gorgeous. Sleek design, bright colours, and smooth functions you definitely want to own… No matter if it is useful or not.

Let’s see what all interesting stationery I own…

D-Mart Spiral Notepad.jpg
D-Mart Spiral Notepad

My favourite stationery include this spiral notepad ūüďí ‚¨á

Gifted by my cousin sister, this pad was purchased from D-Mart. It has thick pages, hard binding and an attractive appearance Рno wonder why my fiancée wants it.

Another I think that would make it to my favourites is this diary ūüďá.

Chinese Souveneir 1
Front cover of the Gifted Diary
Chinese Souveneir 2
Crispy Brown Pages

Gifted to my grandfather by a relative. It was purchased from his trip to China ūüá®ūüá≥. The diary’s pages look old and a little worn due to its brownish coloured papers. I would compare it with the parchments as seen in the Harry Potter movies. But before I start using this one, I’ll need a nice ink pen ūüĖčÔłŹto write on it.

It is disheartening that I don’t have a good pen. I do own a couple of parkers whose refills are no longer any good. But maybe I should try purchasing one again.

This Sheafer pen is the crown ūüĎĎ of all the jewels in my possession.

Sheaffer Pen
Gifted by Nana

Although its nib ‚úí is no longer original, it is the most prestigious item in my collection. Gifted by my grandfather (Nana), I have never been able to use it because of the non-original nib. I wish to get it repaired, but I don’t know how.

I believe this is it as other items in my stationery are not interesting for this blog.

Dad was knocked of his bicycle by a biker in the morning – biker didn’t see him taking a turn. Sustained minor injuries; bruised face and hands. Some internal bleeding in his left eye can be seen – worryingly he is also mentioning some distortion in sight. But he’ll wait for a few days, first.

B9: Birthday Festivities

Great, so it is my old man’s birthday today and we’re planning a few things to do. Actually, they are two: watching a movie and cutting a cake.

To accomplish the first task, I would need to book tickets in advance; I leave in an hour. But before I leave, I want to finish the article I was given. I will try to finish it in 15 minutes like I did yesterday. Writing a 150 word article takes around 10 minutes.

The Birthday

Dad's Cake
White and Dark Forest from Monginis

Feels great when the family gets together, especially when it is your birthday. I think my dad must be feeling the same. My business oriented logical dad too knows the value of family. Hope he must have felt a little relieved from his stress.

Shopped around in D – Mart. Went around looking for a spiral bound notepad; found one, but not the one we were looking for.

Final thought
It is difficult to post a well thought message when something or the other is constantly happening. Miraculous that I am still finding time to write. While I type, mother and fiancée are admiring old jewellery.

B8: Revisiting Childhood

Another day without blogging. Still managed to write in a few words without breaking the continuity. That reminds me I have finished 50 percent of the challenge.

Today will be spent doing something or the other. Have to finish up a couple of tiny articles, go purchase jewellery, visit an amusement Park and have dinner at my aunt.

I need to finish the articles, I am onto it… But I am not sure how much time it will take before I can complete it. Need to find time like I do for blogging and finish it.

Fortunately, these blogs don’t take up much time. Just a little googling and 2 small paragraphs of text and we’re good to go. Oh and yes, we need images too.

Fun World

The best thing about this small amusement park is that it has remained the same even after multiple changes. This place has definitely evolved over the course of years, but it is still the same in its core. More rides are available now which has made it densely packed.

A Quiet evening at Fun World
Funworld, Rajkot


Dinner was done at aunt’s place. Nice evening, I would say.


Being unhappy about the blog doesn’t matter when you do not post anything.

Splendid day overall… But nothing except shopping during the day.

Constructively, we saw good furniture. Met good businessmen doing business ethically.

Finding time to update the post is difficult due to fianc√©e’s presence.

I believe we should all be able to get human warmth whenever we need it. To make that a success, you will have lend yourself for someone else too.


Before Noon
I am not happy with how my blogs are turning out. I like my blog

Next Day Morning
ūüĎÜ this above post got published just like that. No wonder I am unhappy with my blog.

To recollect and log, the day went nicely. Basked in the sun near science museum in the morning for a few minutes. Night was spent at a relative’s place. Other time of the day she was busy with her work.

We had one of our first sweet fights over her deleting photos from my mobile.

Over improving the blog

1. Firstly, include images without fail. Posts look incredibly more beautiful with images.
2. Logging events as they have happened is boring. Although, posting about what I will be doing helps me do things, but I must keep it to minimum.
3. Give something that

B5: Electrictified

This does not feel right. My blog was supposed to be published on its scheduled time, but it didn’t. Arrgh! What is the use of features that don’t work. Maybe they do but I didn’t use them right. To be figured out…

Late morning
Looks like I have figured out how to do it. The post now shows as scheduled instead of draft.

I have to reach at in-laws place for lunch and complete the photo shoot before that. It is challenging. To make things worse, I woke up late thanks to bad sleep.

Found time to write this while I engage in tasks requiring minimum attention. Will rush to shop in a few minutes.

If yesterday was an amazing day for you, don’t stop. Maybe your winning streak has just begun.
– Anonymous

Photo shoot over before time, will be able to make it to in-laws on time.

Since shining footwear could not be shot as they require a special equipment called soap box, they’ll have to be shot at a later time. Will have to supply those boxes to photographer uncle’s place. It will be done in morning tomorrow.


Yummy was the lunch. Tummy is the full.

What a night it has been. I’ll sleep with a smile tonight.

Day end.

B4: Battlefronts

So…. know your enemy, I say. How? Well, read things about it. I’ll begin by reading the stuff that is in the syllabus pdf and find out what is expected¬†in and out of that subject.

First things second – this is a wordpress post. My first ever. Why? Because I wanted a better platform to write on and without experimenting I wouldn’t know. So this about getting hands-on experience. Right now, I am writing this post from my computer, but¬†this medium will be worth¬†writing on only if I can conveniently write on¬†mobile. Also, I changed from a poetic title¬†bleedingnib to strollnscrawl. I¬†believe it is better. The previous one sounded like a heartbroken poet – which I no longer am.

Okay, so… enemy!!!¬†On to reading.

Kindle has come in handy. It is easier to carry it around but not so much in transferring files to it. The process involves a multiple step action:

1. Download pdf from the ICAI site.
2. Unlock the pdf to convert the file to a word document.
3. Open in word to convert.
4. Remove headers and footers
5. Change ` to ‚āĻ. (for better readability)
6. Save it on disk as docx
7. Upload to kindle using the send to kindle software on PC. (25 files can be uploaded in bulk. Pretty reliable process)
8. Allow the files to be downloaded on Kindle.
9. Organise the files on Kindle into respective collections.

In all, 9 steps before you can start reading.

Yet, all this convenience of online reading does not guarantee good concentration. Just like now, I have turned to blogging to distract myself. I have a slight headache, but that would’ve been manageable if I chose not to study. But excuses aside – I must read.

I’ll read syllabus of the first 4 subjects and move on to cleaning my room. Should take 30 minutes at the most to read that. Let’s do it.

Read FR syllabus, you cannot make much out of it without learning the contents inside. Revisiting the syllabus as I study might provide guidelines to the path I am supposed to be on. But it seems I will overshoot the 30 minutes deadline.

Reading it took an hour what should’ve been a 30 minutes work. Now onto cleaning the room. Evening will be spent photographing shoe samples. A lot of work to be done there.

Room’s cleaned, flour mill checked for current leak and the S02E01 is almost downloaded.

Realising that so much can be written when you write in pieces is great. When you allot a special time to write you are under pressure to write a lot. While you can write that way, but if you were like me, you are most likely to end up writing nothing.

Moreover, I am starting to like this WordPress app on my mobile. It is easy to publish and pickup where you left. There is a feature which schedules when your post will be published and I have kept it 11:59 PM. This let’s me publish this post to draft and I believe it will publish it without fail.

First ‚ėĚÔłŹ episode of season Two ‚úĆwas nice. It has received a rating of 8.8 on imdb so far and the next episode airs on 23rd February.

Photographer uncle came and we started the shoot. He really does a great job. Very patient. The photo shoot spanned the entire evening and it used a lot of my resources, it felt. I feel tired right now.

Photographer Uncle
Photographer Uncle engrossed in his art

Also, it is not encouraging to know that all you did to study was read the syllabus. Well, I tried reading the how to face CA exams, but that itself was a huge book with more than 100 pages. Plus converting that pdf messed up the formatting. I’ll read it, but maybe I’ll have to read it on my phone.